Our energy solutions provide products to residential, commercial and off-grid customers.


We offer:

     Solar capacity from 1.5kwh panels for residential sites up to multi MW capacity for large commercial and solar farm sites.

  -  Storage capacity from 2.2kwh for residential sites up to MW storage capacity.

  -  Solar panels which are only sourced from Tier 1 manufacturers including Hanwha and Schutten.

  -  Our locally designed BG residential energy storage systems which uses premium grade LG Chem lithium batteries and GoodWe inverter.

  -   A plug and play solution for residential solar installers.

  -   Pre-assembled containerized solutions for larger commercial customers and off-grid sites which are fully tested by electrical engineers prior to delivery to site.


  A scalable hybrid solution for commercial and off-grid site including:

o   Tier 1 solar panels

o   Ground mount (with ground screw option) or roof mount solar racking

o   Diesel generators

o   Pre-assembled security fencing

o   World leading utility grade lithium battery banks

o   Australian designed and built bio-directional battery inverters

o   Satellite communications enabled management and monitoring platform

o   Weather monitoring

o   Security cameras and security lighting

o   Containerised gensets with right capacity fuel tanks

o   Containerised site buildings

ABB React 2 

Residential Energy Storage System

MaxiEnergy is an national distribution partner for ABB React residential storage systems.


ABB React 2 will support up to 6kw of solar and options of 6 and 12 kwh of battery storage.


ABB React 2 provides backup power in the event of grid failure. ABB Operate in 100 countries with 135,000 employees continuing a history of Innovation for more than 130 years.

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